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A specially designed class for 3 to 5 year olds. Our instructors work with you to reinforce the core values and positive behaviors that will help your children today and shape their minds and bodies to be leaders for tomorrow.

Key Benefits: Develops focus, coordination, balance, listening skills, discipline, integrity, and of course FUN! 




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Wushu is the traditional Chinese Martial Art. It is often confused with Kung Fu.  Kung Fu, directly translated "Kung" means "skill" and "fu" means "time".  In English, this means "a skill acquired over a period of time".  Whereas, Wushu means "martial arts" that involves bare hand forms (taolu), practice sparring (sanda), and weapon practice (long, short, & flexible weapons).  In Chinese, "Wu" means "martial" and "shu" means "arts". Wushu has gained popularity through Hollywood actors like Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen. 

KEY BENEFITS: Improves your strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, breathing methodology, self-defense, discipline, confidence and poise in stress inducing situations. In addition, the options and variety of Wushu allow more personal  expression and delving into the inner character.



The martial art of Korea known for its explosive high kicks and fast hand techniques. It combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. Our Taekwon-Do program adheres to the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) guidelines and practices as originally taught by the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi. 

KEY BENEFITS: Reduces tension and anxiety, learn to control emotions, physical fitness, self-discipline, and self-confidence.



The study and practice of Tajiquan is the study of natural harmony. Through the movements, the deep breathing, the focus of intention, the ideal of body and mind in synch becomes reality. Proper practice of Qigong and Tajiquan can help you rediscover your natural movement, freedom of energy, and personal potential.

 Health Quest World Tai Chi Day

 Health Quest World Tai Chi Day