Our kids are hooked

THE BEST! I have two daughters that go to this school, they started about 4 months ago and are hooked!! they really LOVE IT here !! Mr. Chris Leyesa is a great Instructor. He gives Individualized attention to all his students and motivates each individual student to work hard and acheive excellence. Mr. Albanese and other staff members are all amazing too. My girls have learned so much in this short amount of time and look forward to go to class. This is a wonderful school and I highly recommend it!! Just come in and try the free classes and you'll know the difference between this and other schools. I am so happy I found this school.

Unlike any other teacher

I wish I had the words to describe the greatness of this school and the instructor of this school, Mr. Chris Leyesa.  Maybe one day who ever reads this will decide to come and check this school out and then will get a better understanding of what I mean by these words. It's always good to find out in person.  Mr. Leyesa is one of the greatest human beings I have met, in my heart, and on my mind to be that a person one should have some great qualities with in themselves. What Mr. Chris Leyesa carries that makes what he teaches and the way he teaches great and magical is his character and personality.  My Son was just 11 years old when he joined this school.  He loves it because he found a friend, a teacher, and a mentor when he met Mr Chris Leyesa. He always took time to listen to whatever he had to say. He took time to do so, not because he had to, but because he wanted to and he did it with his heart, with so much patience and he made sure my son understood that he is not just his instructor, but his friend.  He could come and talk to him, if he ever wanted,and needed to talk about anything about his life and what goes on in it.  I have the highest respect for Mr Chris Leyesa - as a person, as a great human being and I personally feel we were blessed to find such good school, with a instructor with a class of his own, beyond words could describe.  I wish and want all kids to get the training, my son is been blessed with and not miss out on this great gift any parent could give to there child, other than a good education background from a good collage or university.

- Angala Correa 3.26.11

Find out for yourself!

I have been training in taekwondo for the last fifteen years and I haven't ever had a better instructor. Chris leyesa is the best instructor around not only does he constantly challenge you and push your limits he trains along side you and allows you to challenge you too. Even if you don't want to train here for the awesome instructor come here for a school unlike any other. The quality of students here is unsurpassable. Students are constantly helping each other get better and the higher ranks don't ever look down or discourage the younger and or lower ranks. This is the best I have ever seen from the instructor to the students to the friends you will make this place has it all. I would recommend and even force people to train here cause I know they won't regret it. SO STOP READING THIS JUST GO THERE AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!- Google User

Committed and Passionate Martial Arts Instruction

My son and I have trained with Mr. Leyesa in Tae Kwon Do, Wushu, and Tai Chi for the past 8 years. I can see what a positive impact Mr. Leysa's training has had on both of us. Not only is Mr. Leyesa very knowledgable in the arts he teaches, he is committed to continued training and demands the same commitment from those who teach at the academy. This ensures that his students benefit from the continued growth and improvement of their instructs. Students are exposed to a wide variety of skills and are motivated to get the most out of each session. It is always fun because no two sessiozns look the same. Mr. Leyesa's passion for the arts he teaches is contagious. I would recommend Wushu Tae Kwon Do Academy to anyone who wants to train in the martial arts or introduce the martial arts to their kids. 

- Patricia Haddad 6.7.12